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EuroGenomics introduces international genomic ranking

Crédit : Eurogenomics

A new step for the partners of EuroGenomics

Partners within the consortium for reliable cattle breeding EuroGenomics have agreed to exchange genotypes of their young Holstein bulls, to compute genomic breeding values (GEBV) and to officially publish the GEBVs. As a result, the genomic rankings in several European countries will become international.

All genomic Holstein bulls older than 10 months and owned by one of the partners within EuroGenomics, will be published in The Netherlands, Flanders, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and France. These publications will be available starting with the April 2014 index run. Spain and Poland will join the exchange process at a later stage.

The publication of genomic breeding values will be done on the country scale and with the countries Total Merit Index. This provides an enormous advantage for farmers, since they can now compare international genomic bulls according to their relevant local standard.

For breeders outside of EuroGenomics the indices of young bulls are now available on four different scales.

EuroGenomics is the international leading consortium in the field of reliable genomic breeding values. With this step the partners within EuroGenomics continue to provide their farmers with a reliable ranking for domestic as well as for international bulls.

The EuroGenomics consortium :

  • France: UNCEIA (represents Evolution, OrigenPlus, Gènes Diffusion and Midatest)
  • Germany: CRV (represents the Holstein breeding industry) & vit
  • Netherlands: DHV
  • Denmark: VikingGenetics
  • Spain: Conafe
  • Poland: Genomika Polska